Monday, July 15, 2013

Kansas (part two)

After Salina I began to experience the Kansas I was told to expect. I was concerned about the heat and long stretches with little to no services. Between Salina and Buhler was one of those stretches with a strong head wind and temperatures of 105•F (40•C).

People warned me about the boredom I would experience in Kansas, but I enjoyed the solitude the wide open landscape had to offer. There were times when I was cycling in sunshine, with visible rain storms a few miles along side me. When the winds were good to me I managed to cover a lot of mileage with ease. I enjoyed spending more time in the small towns dotted every 30 or so miles and getting to know the locals. Some towns seems friendlier than others, I would like to give the others the benefit of the doubt and put it down to the time of day I was passing through.

If I didn't have Colorado ahead I would have gladly spent a few more days in Kansas.

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  1. Great stuff! Hope you memory cards can hold out!

  2. Garry, that first shot is just beautiful. Hope you're having fun and keeping cool!

    1. Thanks Meaghan, I hope all is well in DC.