Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado (part two)

After Pueblo the climb into the Rockies began. It was a slight shock to the system after weeks of cycling along the plains. The grades were nowhere near as steep as the Appalachians though. Each climb and bend revealed to a better view than the last. The landscape constantly changed as I moved north, each day was something new.

I was looking forward to meeting people living "off the grid"as I climbed into the less populated area of the Rockies. Although most of the people I met were welcoming, I learned that some people who choose to live in isolation wish to keep it that way.

People are extremely active in Colorado, I rarely saw a car that didn't have a bike or some sort of canoe attached to it. I could easliy spend more time here and explore but I'm starting to feel the squeeze of my time constraints.

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