Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oregon (part four)

My first few days down the coast was like a walk on the beach (excuse the pun). The sun was shining, the wind was still and the people were welcoming and quizitive, the salt air was refreshing and the nights were warming up again.

After Pacific City there was a sharp change in the weather, with heavy storms blowing in from the east. I was forced to remain of the road one day due to 35mph winds. Drying my tent and swampy shoes were becoming an issue. Besides those minors problems I'm still enjoying the landscape and the beautifully violent seas that batter the rugged Oregon coastline.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oregon (part three)

Nine days in Portland. The longest I have stayed in one place in the last five months, and I could have easily stayed longer. The city is sprawled with pockets of activity scattered around in various neighbourhoods.

The coast was calling though and after the long break I was ready for the final leg of the tour. After a few very hot days in Portland I was happy to see some rain as I made my way to Astoria.

Starting out, I feared that I wouldn't have the motivation to carry on once I reached the west coast. That couldn't be further from the how I feel about it now. I feel like I am about to start a whole new trip which is considerably shorter, more managable and fueled by a more balanced diet.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oregon (part two)

After Eugene I was anxious to continue west towards the coast, but that would have meant adding on unnecessary miles returning east for Portland. I was so close, but still had a long way to go.

Riding north I got to experience the Oregon weather I was told to expect. Each intersection I crossed was like a river crossing.

I have been looking forward to Portland for a while now and was a much needed city break after months of my "small town America" tour. The city is everything I expected it to be; it is very easy to cycle around, plenty to see and do, and too many breweries to visit in one week.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oregon (part one)

Eastern Oregon is mostly high desert with some green valleys dotted here and there. Volcanic formations kept me interested in a landscape I was beginning have enough of. The John Daly Fossil Bed was spectular.

Coming up to McKenzie Pass the scenery began to change. The summit was like another planet, the road cut through an ancient lava field which provided an "out of this world" view that stretched out for miles.

After McKenzie Pass the landscape, weather and the attitude of the people changed. This was the green, cooler more liberal Oregon I was expecting. Eugene was an interesting introduction to the west and a fun place to take a few days off.

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