Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Idaho is full of wild animals and wild people. Once I crossed over Lolo Pass I entered Idaho and started to descend up into a densely forested valley. It was so beautiful and distracting, so much so, I managed to ride over a rock and crack my rear rim.

It wasn't until White Bird that the wheel really became a problem. Luckly I was put into contact with a mechanic in New Meadows and the rim managed to hold up for the day. After a couple of days, a lot of running around and Don the mechanic going above and beyond to help me I got a replacement wheel.

I really enjoyed Idaho and found the people amazing. I was lucky to get through the state when I did, roads behide me were closing due to forest fires in the area trapping people trying to leave the valley for Montana.

 There was something about my time in Idaho which reminded me of Ireland, or maybe it's because I can see the end coming and homesickness is starting to sink in. 

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