Friday, May 31, 2013

Virginia (part one)

First day in Virginia was hot and slow, and I was still having difficulty dealing with the bike. All that was quickly forgotten about once I was introduced to the southern hospitiality. The pace in Virginia is a lot slower than any of the states I have visited so far. Everyone has time to stop and talk, sadly sometimes I don't.

Finding a place to set up my tent has become a lot simpler, which is easing some budget concerns I was having the last few weeks. It's only now that I'm becoming aware that I'm close to living the life of a hobo. I always liked the idea of the story tellers who used to travel around Ireland, telling their story for some food and board. I feel like I'm "singing for my supper" lately and I enjoy it. People have bought me lunch/beer and let me stay at their home just to hear the wheres and the whys. I still wonder if this would be the case if I didn't have a bicycle.

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